Inflorescence at Woodhaven vineyard

Wine can be considered with good reason the most healthful and the most hygienic of all beverages.

Louis Pasteur

Woodhaven Vineyard biodynamic practices

Woodhaven Vineyard applies organic and biodynamic practices to enhance soil structure, vine health and wine flavour.  

The vineyard is treated with biodynamic preparations and humified compost by hand, biodynamic fish and seaweed sprays and  nitrogen fixing cover crops.  We do not use synthetic fertilisers and only spot spray perennial weeds with herbicides as a last resort.  We have been a member of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia since April 2005 and regularly apply a range of their biodynamic preparations to the vineyard.  

Cover crops in the vineyard cool the ground, fix Nitrogen from the air, and trap moisture from dew. A diverse mix of plants around the vines protect the soil and encourage beneficial insects.  Soil organic matter is increased by applying compost and mulches.  We mow the mid-row area of the vineyard regularly to keep the grass low and combat weeds. Close to the vines, we have to hand weed and brush-cut between the vines.

Our fungicide spraying routine includes minimal and carefully timed copper (toxic in soil but permitted by organic certification) and we have never sprayed sulfur (kills beneficial insects but permitted by organic certification).  Instead of the widely-used sulfur, we spray milk.